der biss ® – the card game

consists of 32 cards. You can therefore play almost any card game with der biss ® Mau Mau, Skat, quartets, dominoes, poker, memory etc.

If you don’t know the rules, check them out here:

These games are too boring? Why not make up your own rules—we look forward to posting the best ideas and photos of winning radiant smiles on our website.


I want one …

der biss ® card game is not mass produced. It’s a limited edition work (1000 copies), hand-drawn in ink and manufactured using the offset printing technique. The cardboard is stamped and laminated by hand.
The 8 x 8 cm box containing the cards, instructions and two stickers, makes the perfect gift for anyone who “works with teeth”.

der biss - card game

der biss ® – card game

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… also as APP

The app tests your speed as well as your knowledge – so it’s worth practising.
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