der biss ® – The Poster

der biss is now also available as a 125 cm x 25 cm poster.

In three versions as colourfast print on carton

I. For beginners, e.g. students studying dental technology or dentistry:
the ISO dental notation system with numbering and clear labelling on a pink background.

II. For advanced students with contact points according to Payne and Lundeen, on a light green background.

III. For professionals, with additional connecting lines between corresponding contact points, on a light blue background.

Whether as an inexpensive colourfast print on carton as a prestigious poster, laminated and mounted behind high-quality plastic, there’s a customised version for every purpose.

Produced to order at short notice in the near future, and available now as a digital download!

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The card game and the poster will not be sold during the period 19 July 2019 until 25 August 2019. The App will still be available during this period.