The Story

In 1989, while carving wax teeth as a first-year student, Thomas Rosenberg had the feeling that an eager student could also get to know the teeth in a different way—through play and fun. 32, the number of human teeth, gave him the idea of developing a card game: most card games make use of 32 cards. One tooth, one card—a simple yet compelling idea. In order to realise it, “all” he had to do was draw. That this step in the process was to take much longer than planned was down to his own very high standards. The astronomical costs (from a student’s perspective) of screen-printing, which he sought to do once the ink drawings were finished, presented the next hurdle. A work placement with a printing company during his holidays enabled him to publish the first small edition of the game (100 copies) himself. This was released in Göttingen in May 1991 to overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Twenty years later, and long since a successful practicing dentist, Thomas Rosenberg picked up his idea again, printed a new, limited edition of the card game and developed a manifest app to go with it. der biss ® has enriched the didactic games market since April 2014.